Friday, August 23, 2013

Direct Primary Care: You're Worth It!

I often advise patients in my Family Medicine office to get a massage.  "Is it covered by my insurance?" they ask.  "No, but you're worth it," is my reply as I point at them with two index fingers.

Healthcare is shifting, "transforming" and becoming way too expensive while also moving ahead on the insensitivity scale.  What happened to "Hi Tech, Hi Touch?"

What happened to your doctor?  Did the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) steal your doctor away from you?  Was your doctor sucked into a billing cartel by a large corporate (possibly even "not for profit") member of the Medical Industrial Complex formerly thought of as a hospital?

If you want your doctor back, get them into Direct Primary Care.  It is a way to refresh your relationship with them while freeing them from onerous mounds of paper work and misguided quality initiatives driven by insurance companies.  Freedom might feel good for your doctor and for you.

Direct Primary Care is not insurance.  It is a way to have direct access to your doctor.  You pay them.*
"You're worth It!"

Your doctor and interested others can learn more at the Direct Primary Care National Summit in St. Louis at the Airport Marriott, October 11-12.

Direct Primary Care National Summit

*Many employers arrange to pay for Direct Primary Care for their employees.  They also should know, "You're Worth It!"

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