Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day: Vietnam Veteran's Prayer

Dear God,
Thanks for allowing me to survive my tour in Vietnam.  Bless the souls of those who died in Vietnam or later as a result of their exposure to the undeclared war and its toxins.  Give us who survived the communication skills necessary to inform those who need to know of our experiences and those of our honored dead.  Allow us to distribute among our survivors' hearts and those of American citizens the pain of the losses experienced in and through the Vietnam "Conflict".

Please, God, touch those who need supernatural insights into war and peace with a sense of truth and compassion about their decisions.  Allow us to find the right balance between our love of freedom and our love for each other.  Let us all share the tension associated with decisions to go to war and distribute among our hearts the pain and emptiness associated with the aftermath of those decisions.

In the name of all we've learned by our Vietnam experience, God grant us a lasting love of peace and our fellow humans.  Allow us to honor and respect the human condition more than we wish to crush or manipulate it.

Heal our pain and confusion and allow us our peace.  Refresh our hearts with peace and love as we reconcile our Vietnam experiences with our current lives.  Allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us to effect the accomplishment of this prayer. AMEN

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