Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fibromyalgia Update on Diagnosis and New Statin Warnings

Dr Synonymous show March 6, 2015 features comments on the latest diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia and a discussion of the new warnings the FDA has placed on statin drugs.

We'll review patient blogs, physician  blogs and Dr Synonymous blog along with some tweets and other medical trends.

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  1. My husband is on statin drugs since early 2000s and recently has been getting muscle cramps in his legs and his wrists heart.

    Are they symptoms he should report when he sees his doc this month? he is due for his lab work.

    he also eats way too much sausage, and processed meats and then beef,cheese, etc. I think he thinks because his lipid panel numbers are lower because of the drug that it is okay to eat that stuff. Is he still potentially causing damage or does the drug counter the fat, etc?

    I know you can't give advice and he has a pcp and had labs in December and will be getting them shortly. I am asking generally. Not specific advice ...but what exactly does the statin do and what happens if one continues with a risky diet?

    Thanks. :)

  2. Thanks for the comments SeaSpray. Muscle aches are the most common side effect of statins. An interesting site such as http://www.thennt.com/ may be useful when considering the good effects of drugs. The Number Needed to Harm (NNH) doesn't have its own site but gets ink on NNT sites. With statins, the NNH may be as low as ten for muscle aches and 137 for diabetes. Good luck to your husband. apj

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