Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dr Synonymous Show: Social Media Geezer

At the Family Medicine Education Consortium, Inc. (FMEC, Inc.) Annual Meeting in Danvers,  MA four of us will present:  "Social Media Nuts and Bolts: For Geeks to Geezers".  It creates an opportunity to reflect on my social media "career" and skills.  This blog post is an overview of much of the content of my part of the presentation.  I will talk about it on my Dr Synonymous Blog Talk Radio Show Tuesday October 18 live from 8-9 PM ET, by clicking on the link below. After that time, the show can be heard as a podcast by clicking on the same link.
The Dr Synonymous Show

My show starts with a welcome, an introduction and a disclaimer.  Who am I? What can you expect/ not expect from the show?
I'm Pat Jonas, MD, a Family Physician in Beavercreek, Ohio.
Background of my show and blog name- Dr Synonymous.   A.P. Jonas ("I am Apple Pie Jonas, synonymous with motherhood and the American Flag")
"Helping YOU to be synonymous with your best health!"

I love being a Family Physician.  I love Family Medicine.  I wanted to write about Family Medicine and couldn't really get it done when I was in an academic or pseudo-academic setting.  Now in private practice and through on-going affiliation with people in FMEC, The Center for Innovation in Family and Community Health (CIFCH) and The Ohio Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP), I write something almost daily.  I have two blogs, one about Family Medicine, Dr Synonymous and one about life in the small town and community in which I grew up, Set Our Hearts at Liberty.

Patient blogs are the first part of my broadcast each Tuesday.  Without patients, doctors are useless, so I like to honor patients through my writings and my show.  A list of individual patient blogs that I read regularly is on my Google Reader, including Warm Socks Warm Socks, Pissed Off Patient Pissed Off Patient, Dr Fatty Finds Fitness Dr Fatty Finds Fitness, Sea Spray Sea Spray-Its a Wonderful Life,  RA Warrior  RA Warrior and others.  Group blogs representing specific types of patients are included on my show, including The Genetic Alliance The Genetic Alliance/, Grieving Dads Grieving Dads, 100 Best Sites for Fibromyalgia, etc.

Medical student blogs are next, often including Future of Family Medicine and Adjacent Possible Medicine.
Physician blogs follow, often including Common Sense Family Doctor and AFP Community Blog both by Kenny Lin, MD, and The Singing Pen of Dr Jen. by Jennifer Middleton, MD.  Lastly, I include my post(s) from Dr Synonymous.

Mike Sevilla, MD (aka, The King of Family Medicine social media) was a major role model for me to learn about social media.  I followed him on Doctor Anonymous and Family Medicine Rocks/ on his blog and on Blog Talk Radio.  He helped me to understand how to play, learn and teach through social media. Facebook was my first social media entry point, followed by LinkedIn, Twitter, My Space, Blog Talk Radio, UStream, Military.com, OSMA, etc. on to Google +.

Twitter.com/@apjonas is where I learned about Twitter and Tweeting followed by Tweetchats (first by #hcsm on Sunday nights, then #MDChat, then by starting up #FMChat with @MikeSevilla, @mdstudent31-now @BernieMD31, @RichmondDoc and hosting the chat once).

LinkedIn caught my membership in 2006, but I didn't populate it with my information until 2009 and integrated it with my tweets and blog in 2010.  Now I use it for professional connections across many career fields, including Family Medicine, hospital, college and medical school connections.

I'm speaking about these items and more as a legitimate "Social Media Geezer" on The Dr Synonymous Show, this blog post, on Twitter, LinkedIn and in Danvers, MA this weekend.  I hope you'll join me.

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  1. Thank you very much for the link and mentioning my SeaSpray blog. :)

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