Friday, April 8, 2011

A Thank You from Dr Synonymous, Celebrating One Year of Blogging

On April 9, 2010 I posted the first Dr Synonymous Blog introducing myself and the blog.  Over 100 posts later I note that it's been a great year of sharing and learning for me, using social media more and more to expand my connectedness, teaching and learning.  The Dr Synonymous "Brand" is on Blogspot and Blog Talk Radio (weekly show at 8 PM ET), promoting Family Medicine and the human quest for meaning.

Posts in The Human Centered Health Home series by Dr Synonymous introduce and clarify the model of care in Family Medicine that goes beyond the Patient Centered Medical Home to the human dyad of patient and doctor.  It reaffirms the importance of human engagement in medical care while specifying steps that one may use to develop the skills that deliver the HCHH.

Some posts relate to Patriotism (Memorial Day, July 4th, Veterans Day, Anniversary of Cease Fire in Vietnam, etc.), principles learned at West Point ("Learning from the Military"- The Nine Principles of War, "Duty, Honor, Doctor"), Family Milestones, and my Family Members (Uncle Jerry, Fathers Day-My Dad, Wedding Prayer for Renee and Phil).

Several posts expound on my "Families Only" practice model that I've learned from for 30 years.  Others focus on specific aspects of health care like Hospice Nurses, Death at Christmas, House Calls, Hope, etc.  The Day in the Office series related types of patients, situations, illnesses dealt with on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The comments were very interesting for these posts.

Problem Solving in Family Medicine has long been of interest to me and I wrote about this in many posts including the HCHH series.  Processes are the focus of many posts such as "Building Trust Between Patients and Doctors by Sharing Uncertainty", "Love is the Drug of Choice", "Sensitive Death Comments", "Heart, Mind and Brain".

Many posts also outline the Dr Synonymous Show with patient blog reviews listed first, followed by medical student, physician and my blog.  The interview questions were usually listed for the interview shows with thought leaders and innovators in Family Medicine.

"Family Medicine:  Learning from Marcus Welby and Dog the bounty Hunter" (here)
is the post viewed most often.  On April 7th, the site enjoyed the 10,000th visitor, a nice anniversary present.

Comments from readers on the blog site, twitter and email have been very helpful.  Thank you to all the readers and followers of Dr Synonymous.  Together we can BLOG ON!

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