Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dr Synonymous Show 2/22/2011: Patient and Doctor Blog and Tweet Review

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     Introduction/ Disclaimer

I:  Patient Blogs:

     Seaspray: Its a Wonderful Life

Grief Songs:   Music From a Grieving Heart: Self Help Expressions

II:  Tweets Retweeted by @apjonas (dr synonymous):

Sara Stein MD
by apjonas
Now's your chance to submit your idea to impact childhood via Slate - actually some good ideas!! What's...
June Soyka Cook
by apjonas
Grief Songs: Music for a Grieving Heart. Great list of songs.. -
Dan Munro
by apjonas
30% of docs don't use Anti-virus s/w and 34% don't use a firewall. We need to all practice safe IT ;-)
Susan D'Elia
by apjonas
Shouldn't all this communication between providers and patients be via an online portal and automatically archived as part of an EHR?
Stephen Meyers, MD
by apjonas
T3: One issue, e-mail, like EHR, tends to bring more work (that was previously delegated) upon the provider.
Liza Bernstein
by apjonas
@ re: institutional soc med are mostly just ads. Our dr says this or that./Yes IMO, those who do it r not getting thepoint
P. F. Anderson
by apjonas
SocMed particularly good for health literacy outreach
April Foreman
by apjonas
t2 If both pts. and hc agencies have common goal of good health, then soc med is another way to make that happen. Everyone wins.
III:  Physician Blogs:   

The Singing Pen of Dr Jen: The High Stakes of those Conversations About Flu Shots

IV:  Family-Oriented Primary Care by McDaniel, Campbell and Seaburn:  Working with Couples

V:  Next Week, March 1st:  Blog and Tweet Review

VI:  March 8 Show:  Founders Interview with Tennyson Williams, MD Founding Chair of The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health

VII:  This is Dr Synonymous:  Good Night

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