Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Connecting as Humans First; Then as Patients and Doctors. Doc U R Fat: Insulin Resistance

The Dr Synonymous Show December 7, 2010  BlogTalkradio.com/DrSynonymous
"Connecting as Humans First; then as Patients and Doctors.  Doc U R Fat:  Insulin Resistance"

Introduction/ Disclaimer
Tribute to Pearl Harbor and WWII

Patient Blog:Since I've Been Gone by Stephanie
Medical Student Blog  http://futureoffamilymedicine.blogspot.com

New Blog from Jennifer Middleton, MD:  The Singing Pen of Dr Jen

Physician Blog Post AFP Community Journal: Kenny Lin, MD: Close-Ups Bringing Patient Perspective to AFP

Dr Synonymous Blog Posts 11/22 Human Centered Health Home (HCHH) Detecting Alignment or Misalignment & 11/30 Human Centered Health Home: Biopsychosocial Model
12/03 at drsynonymous.blogspot.com

Clinical Focus:  Insulin Resistance
Healthy for Life by Ray Strand, MD
Syndrome X by Challem, Berkson and Smith
The Glycemic-Load Diet by Rob Thompson, MD
Combat Syndrome X, Y and Z by Stephen Holt, MD
Perspectives in Nutrition by Wardlaw and Hampl

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