Monday, April 26, 2010

Technology: My New SuperPhone- Great Expectations

My new HTC Touch Pro 2 superphone should get here this week. It will do everything. I can just aim it at my patients and they will be healed. It will also impart them and me with a glowing countenance of joy and appreciation. It will quickly inform all regulatory agencies and third parties who are glomming onto everything that happens in doctors offices that all quality, safety,confidentiality (HIPPA) and homeland security issues were perfectly handled. It will produce a perfect record of the encounter using all the right codes and special modifiers, suitable for government and payor perusal.

My superphone will also print or transfer to my patient's superphone a summary of our encounter and discount coupons for use at the mall next door or on web sites for numerous vendors. Since the record of the visit will so perfectly satisfy all the agencies, the patient and I both will accrue extra hours of special event coverage on cable TV. Last but not least, it will automatically analyze their available financial resources and suck the copay and deductibles out of their assets or those of their payor into mine, leaving a happy face in its place.

What a lifestyle I'm about to develop as a result of my HTC Touch Pro2. I obviously will have to name my phone, since it's almost human. Did I mention that I'll get NFL games on it in the fall and I can catch Doctor Anonymous, my favorite BlogTalkRadio show on it every Thursday night at nine PM? My Facebook relationships and followings will now jump into my hand. My Twitterings can be almost continuous and I'll be totally available to professional groups on LinkedIn. My email and night call pages from sick folks will resonnate through beautiful and toneful reminders.

I may have to hide it in the box from time to time to get some peace, but otherwise, I'm getting pretty excited. It may take a few weeks to get it loaded and programmed before it cures my patients, but it soon will probably be a genuine board certified family physician.

More later for you technology fans.

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Good luck with the superphone!